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Why you need Meditation now – more than ever.

We are in the midst of the biggest crisis of our times. There is great uncertainty in our world and the challenge is to have a strong centre that lets you navigate these times.

You cannot rely on outside events to give you a feeling of calm. You have to find tools that help you build your centre of inner strength, so you feel you can handle what life may throw at you.

 When I was diagnosed with breast cancer sixteen years ago, I felt that my life was falling apart. My son was only 16 and I was going through a separation with my husband at the time.

I felt quite desperate. I heard about a meditation class and decided to try it out.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t find it easy. My mind was very busy and I struggled to switch off.

I kept going because I needed to find an inner strength that gave me hope that I would survive my illness and live.

Gradually I became a stronger person. The overwhelming fear I had fell away. I became calm.

Sixteen years later, I live a full and healthy life with a busy diary of clients in my Medical Coaching practice.

You may not be in such an extreme place as I was but I know that meditation will help to handle outside stress.

A sort and simple meditation will be available soon.


What happens when you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness?

Suddenly your life is not what it used to be, you might be feeling confused, anxious and not in control of your life.

In a world where Corona virus is already causing huge uncertainty.

Being diagnosed with an illness is another major challenge. Its hard to deal with a sudden illness. It creates a ripple effect which touches every part of your life. When your world already feels so uncertain there’s no way to predict the effect that added trauma has on your thoughts, feelings and emotional well being.


At a time when everything feels so unpredictable concentrate on the things you can positively change.

Here’s 3 things you could try that could make you feel more positive and more in control immediately

 1. Make sure you are understanding what is happening to you. Take a friend or relative with you for support and another listening ear when the medical details/treatment are being discussed.

 2. Talk to your GP and make sure they get the relevant medical information too.

 3. Be curious about yourself, every life crisis is an opportunity to reflect or change your life.

Putting it off?

Are you waiting for treatment or afraid to go for a check up?

The news is full of articles about people not getting the treatment they need because of the covid19 virus.

Lots of people are too worried by the threat of infection to go and get treatment. We know that Accident and Emergency visits have been greatly reduced and the rates of urgent cancer referrals up to the end of May, were down by 44.5 % compared with pre-pandemic levels.

If you suffer from anxiety or worry about seeing a doctor or medical professional then the new protocols systems and appearance of a lot of surgeries, and hospitals can trigger heightened anxiety or panic.

It might not be your fear – It may be that the treatment you need has been p

ut off because of the need for services to prioritise Corona cases and treatment or to protect us and medical staff.

What to do when your treatment is delayed because of the virus or because of your own fear.

Acceptance of what the situation is, helps us to let go of stressful thoughts. talking through your fears may be the first step but EFT(Emotional Freedom technique) can  also be a powerful tool to help you to accept a situation that, at the moment, you cannot change.


There are some ‘quick fixes’ that may help help you ride out those feeling of overwhelm and fear when they hit;

  • Pay attention to your emotions and feelings, meditate, breath or do anything that makes you feel uplifted.
  • Listen to your intuition and your inner guidance. We all know on a deeper level what we really need. Keeping a diary is a good way of getting in touch with your emotions.
  • Focus on things that inspire you and up-lift you.

Last but not least, stay in touch with your GP, even if you do not get to see them. Talking through your worries with a professional and someone who knows your medical history can really help.