About Me

I recovered from cancer at 52 and during my recovery, I came to understand the connection between stressful life events and illness.

I also saw that being ill is a very stressful time, apart from the treatment process and that there is a huge need to have someone to talk to about the situation and your life – who isn’t a close family member.

I know that my recovery was greatly helped by having this professional and specialised help and feeling optimistic and positive was so important.

I made a decision to offer others that same help.


I began to train in Psychosynthesis Psychology, a mind, body, spirit approach to living in balance and I also trained in Medical Coaching to be able to help people who were going through a health crisis or suffering from a chronic condition.

I have had a lifelong passion for helping others. I trained as an Occupational Therapist at 18 in Holland, working with adults and children. I came to London at 30 and worked in Greenwich District Hospital in the Day Centre and later with the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

During 30 years of helping people I have seen that when people are supported through a holistic mind and body approach, they are able to manage their illness, feel more in control and feel so much better.

I work privately with individuals and alongside other health professionals and clinics and I am a member of the Association for Coaching, which oversees the ethical framework for good practice.




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