Medical Coaching

MEDICAL COACHING IS a process, a support system and a way to navigate through life if you are suffering as a result of a medical crisis or chronic illness.

MEDICAL COACHING IS also about finding a way to help manage life when people are affected by burnout and chronic stress.

MEDICAL COACHING IS – for you;  it’s personal, individually tailored  and responsive to the medical challenges that you, or the people you love, may be facing.


Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose

Facing any kind of life-changing event or health crisis can mean we are facing not only physical illness but a loss of routine, our sense of self, and our confidence. Often our sense of wellbeing is linked to our sense of purpose. Medical coaching provides, face to face and online coaching to help you rediscover meaning and purpose when you are experiencing any kind of medical crisis.

Individuals who can benefit from coaching include:

  • People who are experiencing illness
  • Family members, care providers & professionals
  • People facing medical or surgical procedures
  • Individuals experiencing ‘burn-out’ at work or at home
  • People needing to re-integrate after long hospital stays.


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