How I Work


Medical Coaching is an opportunity to address an immediate health challenge, your treatment options and make decisions about your recovery plan.  You may also want to explore the wider issues of your life and how you may want to create change going forward. We can discuss the options that are best for you, but here are a few ways that I work with people.

A Private Retreat

Taking time out of your schedule to discuss and reflect is extremely useful, especially if you are handling a health challenge or crisis. The Algarve in Portugal is a beautiful environment and I can recommend a relaxed environment hotel close to my home here. We do daily sessions together and I can also recommend good medical doctors and practitioners for private yoga sessions, massage and complimentary therapies. The private retreat is personally tailored to your needs and we will create a plan that is ideal for you. You may want to have a weekend or a few weeks.

Corporate Medical Coaching

People working long hours in demanding roles sometimes need to take time out. They may eventually get sick and have to take time off work.  Long-term absenteeism is a major problem for organisations and unless people are helped to get a clear perspective on their circumstances and to create a positive plan, their recovery may take longer and their life and career will be on hold.


Private Coaching

Private one-to-one coaching is tailored to your personal needs. We will discuss your situation and create a plan that is ideal for you. You may combine Skype and telephone sessions with an in-person visit to me at my home in the Algarve, Portugal.

Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss how I can help you.

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