Putting it off?

Are you waiting for treatment or afraid to go for a check up?

The news is full of articles about people not getting the treatment they need because of the covid19 virus.

Lots of people are too worried by the threat of infection to go and get treatment. We know that Accident and Emergency visits have been greatly reduced and the rates of urgent cancer referrals up to the end of May, were down by 44.5 % compared with pre-pandemic levels.

If you suffer from anxiety or worry about seeing a doctor or medical professional then the new protocols systems and appearance of a lot of surgeries, and hospitals can trigger heightened anxiety or panic.

It might not be your fear – It may be that the treatment you need has been p

ut off because of the need for services to prioritise Corona cases and treatment or to protect us and medical staff.

What to do when your treatment is delayed because of the virus or because of your own fear.

Acceptance of what the situation is, helps us to let go of stressful thoughts. talking through your fears may be the first step but EFT(Emotional Freedom technique) canĀ  also be a powerful tool to help you to accept a situation that, at the moment, you cannot change.


There are some ‘quick fixes’ that may help help you ride out those feeling of overwhelm and fear when they hit;

  • Pay attention to your emotions and feelings, meditate, breath or do anything that makes you feel uplifted.
  • Listen to your intuition and your inner guidance. We all know on a deeper level what we really need. Keeping a diary is a good way of getting in touch with your emotions.
  • Focus on things that inspire you and up-lift you.

Last but not least, stay in touch with your GP, even if you do not get to see them. Talking through your worries with a professional and someone who knows your medical history can really help.

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